Life Is A Series Of Disappointments
Amanda Is The Name, Amanda Seigerson. I'm Sixteen, And I Go To Dalton Academy. If You've Seen The Name Somewhere Your Probably Thinking 'Hey That's An All Boys School.' Yes, It Is. But I'm A Girl, Last Time I Checked. My Parents Sent Me Off To Dobry Hall. I Was A Freshman. And Scared Of Everything, Because, Hey, It Was My First Time Ever Being In A High School. Except For When I Visited By Brother, Derek. But That Doesn't Count. To Keep The Story Short And Sweet, My Room Mate Was Obnoxious, Loud, Rude And Crude. She Didn't Care About How I Had A Important Test To Take, Seeing That I'm A Freshman. She Just Cared About Partying. So After Confiding In Derek, He Told My Parents. And Of Course, They Wanted Me Out Of Dobry, Somewhere Where I Could Get A Good Education Was All They Wanted For Me, And Truthfully, I Wanted To Go To Dalton. I Heard They Had A Girl At Dalton Already. So, After A Long Legal Battle. I Was Boarding At Dalton, With My Brother, Derek. What More Could I Ask? He Said To Board At Hanover, Or Stuart. But I Didn't Feel Like I Was The Type Of Girl To Be In Any Of Those Houses, So I Chose, Wait For It..Windsor. Of Course, Anyone Would've Turned Their Heads Hearing Derek Seigerson's Little Sister, His Only Sister, Was In Windsor, Or Even At The School. Of Course, As I Went Down The Hallways Everyone Looked. I Was A Girl After All, One That Wasn't Taken.. And Roaming The Halls Of An All Boys School. I Soon Made Friends In Windsor, I Told Them About My Past. I Became Close With The Twins, And Still Remain Close With Them To This Day, Of Course I Got A Warbler-Land Nick Name, Tea Cup. I'm A Tea Cup, When They First Announced They Had A Name For Me, I Admit, I Was A Bit Curious, I Thought Maybe It Would Be Insane. So Now You Know About Moi.
Ooc; Roleplayer. Based Off CPCoulter's Dalton.

Ooc; CpCoulter’s Dalton Mentioned By Riker Lynch And Aaron Page. (Logan And The Tweedles!)

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